Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You might have previously noticed a lot of interface changes in LightWave 8 from previous versions. Although we haven’t covered keyboard shortcuts in this episode, there are some important changes to these as well. If you’ve used preceding versions of LightWave 3D, then you’re used to the LightWave shortcuts for undo, cut, copy, and paste:
• Undo u
• Cut x
• Copy c
• Paste v

These shortcuts have been distorted in LightWave 8 to the Windows standards:
• Undo Ctrl+z
• Cut Ctrl+x
• Copy Ctrl+c
• Paste Ctrl+v
If you’re used to the preceding shortcuts and desire to continue using them in LightWave 8, you can with no trouble relapse to LightWave 7.5 keyboard shortcuts.

Note: Be aware that if you relapse to 7.5 shortcuts you’ll lose a lot of of the updated shortcuts in the default pattern. You may find it more helpful just to remap the old shortcuts into the new pattern.

1. Unlock the Configure Keys window, Edit_Edit Keyboard Shortcuts (or press Alt+F9).

2. Get on the Presets pull-down and choose 7.0 Style in Modeler or 7.5 Style in Layout.

Figure 1.4-11. Edit Keyboard Shortcuts, using Presets.
 At this time that we’ve set up the basic defaults for every program, we require to save them. You can save your menu pattern separately from the Configure Menus window or, to save all we’ve immediately done, shut all three applications— Modeler, Layout, and the Hub. Closing the applications saves the settings to the config files. You can relaunch Modeler or Layout to carry on functioning.


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