Sunday, November 25, 2012

Figure J.5: A flour sack modeled using each method. From left to right: SubDivision surfaces,
NURBS patches, polygons, and NURBS trims and blends.

These exhilarating polygonally derived surfaces are the latest type of modeling paradigm. They offer the animation advantages of low polygon surfaces joint with the smoothness of extremely tessellated NURBS surfaces, thus combining the ease of use of polygons with the organic excellence of NURBS surfaces.
They are expensive in terms of memory usage, but given the drop in the price of memory, this is no longer a difficulty. However, SubDivision surfaces are currently accessible only with Maya Unlimited (requiring a significantly superior expense than Maya Complete), and they are currently incompatible with Fur and Paint effects.
Figure 1.5 shows a flour sack that was modeled using each of the modeling methods.


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